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Jiný Metro is the songwriter duo of best friends Katie Alžběta Brown and Klára
. The duo has performed on various stages around Europe and in
Czech Republic, hosting international bands in their home venues and writing new music
together. For the past two years, the band has been working on a chamber-pop
of intimate yet exceedingly arranged and creatively produced songs. The
upcoming album includes stacked vocal and flute harmonies, catchy clarinet
melodies, a string quartet, the autoharp, and board games used as percussion.
Since their debut record Rande s Revizorem, Jiný metro has expanded to a
five-member band to incorporate the rich instrumental arrangements into their live performances.

The band has most recently performed at major Czech festivals like Metronome,
Rock For People and Karlovy Vary International Film Festival.

See you soon!

Jiný Metro

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