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About Jiný Metro

Jiný Metro is the songwriter duo of best friends Katie Alžběta Brown and Klára Čmejrková. The duo has performed on various stages around Europe and in Prague, hosting international bands in their home venues and writing new music together. For the past two years, the band has been working on a chamber-pop EP of intimate yet exceedingly arranged and creatively produced songs. The upcoming album includes stacked vocal and flute harmonies, catchy clarinet melodies, a string quartet, the autoharp, and board games used as percussion. Since their debut record Rande s Revizorem, Jiný metro has expanded to a five-member band to incorporate the rich instrumental arrangements into their live performances.   

Concert with The Belgian Blue
Kampus Hybernská
December 7th 2023
The girls at Festival Povaleč.
Festival Povaleč,
August 8th 2022
Jiný Metro supporting Tamara Kramar.
Concert with Tamara Kramar
Café v Lese
Apr. 18. 2023.


The early years of Jiný Metro. Klára and Katie were classmates at school and wrote their first song, Vysavač, to serve as background music for an assignment. After Vysavač, the girls continued to create music together. While performing at events around Prague, they wrote most of the songs that would later appear on the Rande s revizorem album. In respect to their genre of music, the duo chose to use the Czech name Jiný Metro, meaning “alternative underground” .

The girls performing at one of their earliest shows in Prague.


During a small break between waves of COVID, the girls began to compile and record their songs on an album. For one of the songs, titled French Song, they created their first music video, which was released on YouTube in December 2020. They released the whole the album on Spotify on June 4th, 2021, and was titled Rande s revizorem, meaning “a date with the ticket inspector”.

A frame from the French Song music video.


In summer 2022, the band was joined by Alex Matějíček, a fellow composition student at the Prague Conservatory. As a trio, they performed their 100th show, and they continue to work on new music. In 2023, the band began to play its first international shows in Leipzig, Germany and Eibenthal, Romania, and is set to release an EP in 2024.

The band performing in Prague.


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